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laboratory medicine department

Introduction of department
Introduction of laboratory medicine department
  • Laboratory medicine is a discipline that focuses on conducting clinical tests and interpreting the results using specimens such as blood, urine, feces, and body fluids collected from patients. Laboratory medicine is at a critical position in integrating basic medicine such as biology and biochemistry into clinical medicine and consists of the basics for education and various research activities.
  • The fields of laboratory medicine include diagnostic hematology, clinical chemistry, diagnostic immunology, clinical microbiology, transfusion medicine, and molecular genetics.
  • Laboratory medicine guides many crucial directions for disease detection, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, follow-up, determination of treatment plans, prediction of prognosis, and monitoring of treatment effects through health check-ups or screening tests. Furthermore, laboratory medicine plays a leading role in the development of novel testing methods and reagents including molecular genetic tests.
Field of Treatment/ Field of Operation/ Field of Procedure
Field of Treatment/ Field of Operation/ Field of Procedure
Faculty name Field of treatment Remarks
Song, Kyungeun Chemical and ureteroscopy, immunological test readout  
Ham, Jiyeon Hematology, transfusion medicine, diagnostic molecular genetics test reading  
Lee, Nanyoung Diagnostic laboratory medicine general, clinical microbiology test reading