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Introduction of department
Introduction of department
  • The Department of Radiology uses high-resolution computed tomography (CT) images, including general X-ray imaging, magnetic resonance (MRI) images, ultrasound images, and remote locations to find and show lesions inside the human body using changes in the magnetic field of the human body. This is the most remarkably developing clinical medicine field based on advanced imaging technology using image diagnosis, image storage, transmission system (PACS), and digital photography.
  • Intervention radiology is also an important area in radiology as it can access any organ of our body using imaging and replace surgical disease treatment or help internal and surgical treatments.
  • The Radiology Center of Kyungpook National University Chilgok Hospital is equipped with various cutting-edge imaging devices such as 3T-MRI, multi-detection CT (MDCT), angiography device color doppler, and a high-end ultrasound capable of playing 3D images. The best medical staff are working proudly with such high-tech imaging devices.
  • Our department publishes excellent papers here in Korea and abroad, has won various excellent paper awards in international conferences, and is actively continues research activities such as publishing numerous papers in foreign journals. Besides, all Department of Radiology members does their best to provide the best service to patients with one heart.
Field of Treatment/ Field of Operation/ Field of Procedure
Field of Treatment / Field of operation / Field of procedure
Faculty name Field of treatment Remarks
Kim, Gapcheol Digestive system radiology, interventional radiology  
Kim, Hyejeong Mammography, breast ultrasound, breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), breast biopsy  
Cho, Seunghyun Digestive System Radiology  
Shin, Kyungmin Chest imaging  
Lee, Somi Pediatric Radiology  
Kim, Wonhwa Breast, thyroid  
Hahm, Myunghoon Neuro head and neck radiology  
Park, Seoyoung Breast thyroid radiology (Chilgok) Urogenital system radiology (Main)  
Park, ByungGeon Thoracic Radiology