Overseas Institutions and Hospitals MOU Status

Overseas Institutions and Hospitals MOU Status
  Country Institution Agreement Date
1 China Jilin Medical University Meihekou City Central Hospital 2014.07.
2 China China Hunan Cancer Hospital 2015.02.
3 Vietnam Hong Ngoc Hospital 2016.03.
4 Russia Irkutsk Regional Cancer Center 2016.06.
5 Mongolia Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences 2016.07.
6 Slovenia University Of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine 2016.07.
7 China Sichuan Andetianxin Hotel Management Co., Ltd. 2016.12.
8 Vietnam Da Nang General Hospital 2017.06.
9 China Yancheng No.1 People’s Hospital 2017.08.
10 Kazakhstan Semey State Medical University 2017.09.
11 Kazakhstan East-Kazakhstan Regional Rehabilitation Center 2017.09.
12 Kazakhstan KGP on PHV “Mother and Child Center”of the Health Department of the East Kazakhstan Regional Akimat 2017.09.
13 Kazakhstan Rehabilitation Medical Center“Klimika Daru” 2017.09.
14 Kazakhstan Al-Farabi Kazakh National University 2017.09.
15 Vietnam New Horizon Palliative Care Center 2017.12.
16 Canada Princess Margaret Cancer Centre 2018.06.
17 Vietnam Bac Ninh General Hospital 2018.09.
18 Vietnam Da Nang General Hospital – KNUH Cooperation Center 2018.10.
19 Russia I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University 2018.10.
20 Turkmenistan The International Educational-Scientific Center 2019.04.
21 Uzbekistan Samarkand State Medical Institute 2019.04.
22 Uzbekistan First Clinic of the Samarkand State medical Institute) 2019.04.
23 Uzbekistan Second Clinic of the Samarkand State medical Institute 2019.04.
24 Kazakhstan Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University 2019.04.
25 Russia National Medical Radiology Research Centre 2019.08.
26 Russia The Saint Petersburg State Health Care Establishment the City Hospital No 40 of the Resort District 2019.11.

Collaborating Institutions

Overseas Institutions and Hospitals MOU Status
Year Country Institution
2012 USA Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, University of Washington
2013 USA Oregon Health and Science University
2014 USA University of Florida
2014 USA University of Arizona
2014 USA Stanford University Medical Center
2015 USA University of Texas at Dallas
2015 USA University of North Carolina
2015 USA Wake Forest School of Medicine
2015 USA Harvard Medical School
2016 USA Harvard Medical School
2016 JAPAN National Cancer Center Hospital, Japan
2017 UK Royal Marsden Hospital
2017 USA Mayo Clinic
2017 USA Univerisity of North Carolina
2017 USA Univerisity of California
2017 USA Johns Hopkins University
2018 USA University of Pittsburgh
2019 USA Virginia Mason Medical Center
2019 USA University of Florida
2019 USA Sickkids research institute
2019 USA The University of California
2019 USA University of Iowa Health Care
2019 UK Royal Marsden Hospital

Our Local Public Relations Teams

Our Local Public Relations Teams
Year Place Center Name Remark
2018 Russia Irkutsk Irkutsk Medicity Daegu Kyungpook National University Hospital PR Center  
2019 Kazakhstan Almaty Al-Farabi-KNUH Cooperation Center  
2019 Vietnam Danang Danang General Hospital-KNUH Cooperation Center  
2019 Russia Irkutsk Kyungpook National University Chilgok Hospital Rehabilitation Medicine Center  
2020 Uzbekistan Samarkand Kyungpook National University Chilgok Hospital·Medi City Daegu-Samarkand Exchange Cooperation Center