• Tricare Prime(US military)
    We have a contract with Tricare.
    For the Prime members, Kyungpook National University Chilgok Hospital handles the claim, so there is no need to pay any fees related to medical treatment. (Except for the drugs prescribed from the independent pharmacy)
    Non-Prime members will be asked to pay in full at the time of service, and claim the insurance company for coverage afterward.
    Please note for the clients with Tricare Prime, you cannot use Tricare if you have Other Health Insurance (OHI).
  • Foreign Patients with Korean National Health Insurance (NHI)
    The patients covered by the Korean National Health Insurance Program (NHI) should bring a referral from a local doctor first, as per the NHI guidelines state. If you don’t have the referral yet, you may request one from a family medicine doctor. Since the referral is a document required for medical treatment, it cannot be retroactively submitted unless submitted by the day of treatment. If you submit a referral for your next visit, you will be covered from that day.
    You must submit an Original, and copies will be given if the patient wishes. If you are a global insurance holder and also have Korean National Health Insurance, ONLY Korean National Health Insurance is applied here.
  • Payment
    Automated Payment Machine (Drug Prescription Issuing Machine)
    • You can pay without waiting for payment by using an automated payment machine.
    • You can receive a prescription through an automated payment machine.
    • Prescriptions can be sent to pharmacies near the hospital using an automated payment machine. You can save your time at the pharmacy through the function of pharmacy designation.
    • Credit card (debit card, Samsung Pay)/cash are available.
    • If you have any help or inconvenience while using the payment machine,
      please contact the payment machine assistant or payment desk.
      Location: Next to the escalator on the 1st floor of Building 2,
      next to the payment desk on the 2nd floor of Building 3,
      next to the payment desk on the 1st floor of Children's Hospital
    How to Use :
    • Enter patient registration number or
      foreign registration number
    • Personal information
    • Check details of
      medical expenses
    • Payment of
      medical expenses
    • Receive prescription
      and receipt
    • Designation
      of pharmacy
    • Visit the Pharmacy
      and return home
    Those who cannot use the automated payment machine
    • First-time patients
    • In case of applying for any kinds of hospital documents such as detailed expense receipt and medical certificate.
    • If there is receivables, deposit or refund
    • In case of being required registration to use personal information to receive Issuance benefits for certain serious diseases designated by the Korea Health Issuance Corporation

    * Please come to the nearest payment desk with your ID card.

  • Deposit
    At KNUCH, in order to be admitted you might have to pay a deposit fee. The deposit fee is an estimate of your treatment. Each patient's hospital charges are individual. The actual charges could be more or less at the completion of the patient’s treatment