Kyungpook National University Chilgok Hospital is collaborating in medical development, education and research with more than 40 foreign medical trainees from 14 nations every year. Opportunities are open to all doctors, nurses, clinical pathologists, rehabilitation therapists, and health administration professionals from any country who want to share their medical experiences and take medical courses at Kyungpook National University Chilgok Hospital.
Every department in Kyunpook National University Chilgok Hospital offers a training program. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our training programs!

If you want to take medical training at KNUCH, fill out application forms, choosing a professor and the type of training you want and email them to the staff in charge.

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  • A As the program is mostly conducted in English, medical personnel who wish to apply for it must be able to communicate in Korean or English. If speaking, writing, and listening in either of the languages is not possible, applicants will not be able to join the training.
  • B Medical personnel who wish to be trained at KNUCH must submit an official medical license issued by their respective countries. Applicants without a license will not be eligible as trainees.
  • C Overseas medical personnel who wish to receive training must send the required forms via e-mail at least 2 months before the scheduled first day of the program.

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