Parking Fee

Parking Fee
Target Content Fee
General Vehicle Leave within first 15 min. Free
Leave within first 30 min. 600 won
Every 10 min. after 30 min. 300 won *1800 won for an hour
Vehicle of disabled person
(If the disabled person get in the car)
A man of national merit
Free for first 2 hours, 50% discounted for extra min.
*If there is another discount doubled, only 50% is discounted.
Small-size car
(less than 1000cc)
50% discount
1day Price-cap regulation 24000 won(24 hours)

Parking Fee Guide

Parking Fee Guide
Target Content Fee
Out-patient and discharged patient’s vehicle Out-patient treatment and discharge 6 hours free (for 1 vehicle)
Treatment of 2 departments
(including anticancer treatment and hemodialysis)
12 hours free (for 1 vehicle)
Interim payment and reservation 3 hours free (for 1 vehicle)
Hospitalized patient in emergency room or ward

(Present hospital receipt or guardian identification, limited to 1 vehicle)
Hospitalization in emergency center or ward
*not double-applied when patient moves from emergency center to general ward
12 hours free
After 12 hours General fee applied
Guardian’s vehicle
(Present guardian identification,
limited to 1 vehicle)
After free hours General fee applied
Visit day 18:00 ~ Next day 09:00 Free (for 1 vehicle)
Visit on holiday
(Sat, Sun, national holiday)
2 hours free(for the very day)
Visit day for Surgical treatment 12 hours free (for the very day)
* processed computationally or by presentation of identification
Health promotion center visitor
(Present a receipt or reservation confirmation slip)
Consultation on the results of the examination results 3 hours free
For the very day of an examination 12 hours free

Parking Guide Map