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Nuclear Medicine

Introduction of department
What is Nuclear Medicine ?

The Nuclear Medicine Center is a medical field that diagnoses or treats the condition and disease of our body using radioisotopes medically, and provides the following clinical treatments.

Nuclear Medicine field
  • 1
    Imaging test
    It diagnoses diseases by administering a trace amount of radioisotope that reflects bioactive substances and metabolism into the human body and using it as a tracker to image the distribution.

    The Positron Emission Tomography (PET/CT) is a representative imaging test by the Department of Nuclear Medicine that diagnoses various types of diseases by imaging a patient's biochemical metabolism and functional changes using radiopharmaceuticals. The PET/CT is a state-of-the-art imaging test that can more easily identify the anatomical location and changes of diseases by fusing CT images with PET images. It has high sensitivity and specificity for the diagnosis of primary or metastatic cancer, and it has recently been widely used for diagnosing dementia and Parkinson's disease as well.

    In addition, examinations such as bone scanning, thyroid scanning, myocardial perfusion scanning, and cerebral blood flow scanning using gamma cameras are used to diagnose various diseases.
  • 2
    Nuclear medical treatment
    Radiopharmaceuticals are administered to patients so that radioactive isotopes can gathere in the area of the disease, and the radiation from those elements is used to treat the disease. A typical example is radioiodine therapy performed after surgery for thyroid cancer.
  • 3
    In vitro analysis
    Radioisotope and antigen antibody reactions are used to accurately measure trace substances in the patient's blood or body fluids to confirm the presence of disease.


  • Jo, Il
    • Department
      • Nuclear Medicine,
    • Specialty
        1. (Treatment) isotope treatment / (reading) PET/CT, nuclear medicine test
  • Jeong, Shin Young
    • Department
      • Nuclear Medicine,
    • Specialty
        1. (Treatment) Thyroid cancer and thyroid disease, isotope treatment / (reading) PET/CT, nuclear medicine test
  • Lee, Sang-Woo
    • Department
      • Nuclear Medicine,
    • Specialty
        1. (Treatment) Thyroid cancer and thyroid disease, Radionuclide therapy/ (reading) PET/CT, Nuclear medicine imaging