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Introduction of department
  • Kidney disease is steadily increasing due to the aging population and increasing chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Kidney disease includes acute and chronic kidney disease, and early detection of the disease, and appropriate treatment is important for prognosis. Our Nephrology Center is doing our best to detect kidney disease in patients early and prevent progression to end-stage kidney disease through appropriate treatment and management.
  • Specifically, the Nephrology Center is in charge of the following treatments.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease in high-risk patients with various chronic diseases, Management and treatment of patients with abnormal urinalysis such as hematuria and proteinuria, Treatment of patients with acute kidney injury, management of kidney function in patients with chronic kidney disease, and renal replacement therapy for patients diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease.


  • Lim, Jeong-Hoon
    • Department
      • Nephrology
    • Specialty
        1. Acute/chronic kidney disease, hemodialysis/peritoneal dialysis, glomerulonephritis (renal biopsy) 
  • Choi, Jiyoung
    • Department
      • Nephrology
    • Specialty
        1. Acute/chronic kidney disease, blood/peritoneal dialysis, glomerulonephritis (renal biopsy)