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Urological Cancer Center

Introduction of department
What is Urological Cancer Center?

Our department has excellent professors, doctors, and nurses who are specializing in urology. We operates a one-stop service system enabling quick decision of treatment plan and reducing delay in total proces, so patients can take necessary examinations, treatment as soon as possible. To operate this system successfully, our center is equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices for laparoscopic surgery, Da Vinci robot surgery and Bipolar transurethral resection for minimally invasive prostatic hypertrophy.

Urological Cancer Center field
  • 1
    Prostate clinic
    Prostate clinic focus on early diagnosis and minimum invasive treatment of prostate cancer and prostate hypertrophy, which have recently increased rapidly. We are equipped with state-of-the-art prostate ultrasound for early diagnosis of prostate cancer, and perform nerve-sparing prostatectomy using a robot (Davinci) for local prostate cancer minimizing complications such as postoperative urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction that have been a problem after surgeries. In addtion, for advanced prostate cancer, the latest radiation therapy, hormone therapy, and chemotherapy are being performed in cooperation with other related specialists. For prostate hypertrophy, We provide patients with the best treatment that is minimally invasive and effective with the Bipolar transurethral resection device that has the advantage of less tissue damage, less bleeding or complications.
  • 2
    Urothelial cancer clinic
    For early diagnosis and recurrence follow-up examination of bladder cancer, the most common cause of hematuria, we perform flexible cystoscopy and it gives patients less pain. In addition, we perform transurethral resection, laparoscopic and robotic surgery that does not open the abdomen for non-invasive surgery. Furthermore, for advanced cancer, we conduct effective chemotherapy and radiation therapy in cooperation with other specialists, and we are doing our best to prevent cancer.
  • 3
    Kidney cancer clinic
    Kidney cancer is known to have high risk of malignancy compared to other cancers that occur in our body, and it is best to perform radical nephrectomy as soon as possible because kidney cancer is less responsive to anticancer drugs or radiation therapy. The center is performing laparoscopic or robotic surgery instead of conventional laparotomy to cure patients in a minimally invasive way, and provides the best treatment for advanced cancer with the latest immunotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • 4
    Urological Minimum Infiltration Surgery Center
    - Laparoscopic surgery
    Laparoscopic surgery is a groundbreaking surgical method that allows people to return to their daily lives early and leave fewer scars, however it require high-level of surgical skills. Our team is leading Korean urinary field introducing laparoscopic surgery for the urinary treatment and have performed more than 4,000 laparoscopic surgeries so far. Furthermore we opened minimum invasive surgery education and research center for the first time in Korea in 2005 to educate many young doctors at home and abroad, while doing our best to develop of advanced treatment methods.

    - Robotic surgery
    Robotic surgery is a new surgical method providing operator with enlarged vision through 3D images for more delicate operation. This method can minimize recurrence of cancer by completely removing cancer tissue compared to conventional techniques, and in the case of kidney cancer, it is possible to remove cancer in a location that is difficult to remove with laparoscopy, and in the case of prostate cancer, it can minimize urinary incontinence or impotence after surgery. Our center is equipped with the Da Vinci S Robot since 2007 and successfully performed more than 500 urological cancer surgeries until November 2013, being recognized as a leading robot surgery center in Korea.


  • Kwon, Taegyun
    • Department
      • Urology, Urological Cancer Center
    • Specialty
      • Urological tumor, robotic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, prostate
  • Chung, Jae-Wook
    • Department
      • Urology, Urological Cancer Center
    • Specialty
        1. Initial examination and consulting for patients with urination disorders and hematuria
  • Ha, Yun-Sok
    • Department
      • Urology, Urological Cancer Center , Cancer Survivor Clinic
    • Specialty
        1. Andrology(Men's health), bladder cancer and bladder disease, prostate, infection
  • Lee, Jun Nyung
    • Department
      • Urology, Pediatric Urology, Urological Cancer Center ,
    • Specialty
        1. Prostate cancer, kidney cancer, robotic surgery, pediatric urology 
  • Kim, Tae-Hwan
    • Department
      • Urology, Urological Cancer Center
    • Specialty
        1. Bladder cancer, upper urinary tract cancer (renal pelvis & ureter cancer), robotic & laparoscopic surgery