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Lung Cancer Center

Introduction of department
  • The Lung Cancer Center is in charge of diagnosing and treating thoracic tumor diseases such as lung cancer, pulmonary nodules, mediastinal, and pleural tumors. If having a suspected lung cancer symptoms, such as coughing, hemoptysis, chest pain, or difficulty breathing, or abnormal findings in the chest images found at the examination, examination at the Lung Cancer Center is required.
  • Patients who come to the hospital due to findings of pulmonary nodules are evaluated for the likelihood of lung cancer based on the size, shape, and rate of increase in size, and the need for follow-up or biopsy is determined.
  • At the Lung Cancer Center, the thoracic surgery department is primarily responsible for the surgical treatment of lung cancer and other thoracic tumors. Video-assisted thoracoscopic (endoscopic) surgery causes smaller wounds compared to conventional thoracotomy, which incises the thoracic muscle and fractures the ribs. Through active thoracoscopic surgery, we are striving for quick recovery of patients with cosmetic benefits, pain relief, and shorter hospital stays through minimization of incisions.
  • When anticancer drug treatment is required, the Lung Cancer Center's pulmonology department uses targeted agents, immuno-oncologic agents, and chemotherapeutic agents to provide optimal treatment and best supportive therapy to patients. In some cases, radiation therapy may be implemented after having a consultation with a radiation oncology department.
  • Through a system for fast and accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment policy, lung cancer specialists from the pulmonology department, thoracic surgery department, radiology department, pathology department, radiation oncology department, nuclear medicine department and other departments, and dedicated nurses hold multidisciplinary meetings to cooperate closely. The pulmonology department can conduct immediate consultations with the thoracic surgery department within the Lung Cancer Center to provide coordinated treatments and with the radiology and radiation oncology using a system that allows the immediate exchange of opinions via wired or wireless systems.
  • Lung Cancer Center’s medical staff have wide experience in various large-scale national projects and are conducting various research projects to meet the demands arising from the treatment field. For the past 10 years, we have focused on lung cancer genetic research and produced excellent results and have published many research results in renowned international journals.


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