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Department of Psychiatry

Introduction of department
  • The Department of Psychiatry of KNUMC is composed of psychiatrists and other specialists with great expertise and active research activity in each field to treat various mental problems such as depression, insomnia, anxiety disorders, stress disorders, dementia, schizophrenia, and childhood mental illnesses in the best way. Besides the department cooperates with local communities and public health institutions in various ways to prevent and treat numerous mental disorders.
  • Dementia/Age-Associated Cognitive Impairment Clinic
    Dementia is caused by more than 70 different causes including Alzheimer's disease. Most types of dementia are not curable. However, about 10 to 15% of them can be cured if the underlying conditions are treated. In the remaining cases, we can improve symptoms or slow the progression with proper treatment. So early detection and treatment are important. In the Dementia/Age-Associated Cognitive Impairment Clinic we conduct systematic evaluation through CERAD-K neuropsychological assessment battery, brain MRI, and amyloid PET. We also provide appropriate drug treatment according to the causes of dementia. For patients with mild cognitive impairment, a high-risk group of dementia, we manage underlying illnesses and provide lifestyle correction to prevent dementia, and perform regular cognitive function tests to detect dementia as early as possible.
  • Depression Clinic
    Depression is a common disease that about 1 in 10 people experience during their lifetime, which involves symptoms such as depressed mood, decreased interest, decreased energy, and insomnia. Depression can lead to poor quality of life, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, and poor job activity, so appropriate treatment is essential. Also, depression manifests as different symptoms depending on the age group. In particular, senile depression mainly complains of decreased memory and concentration, tiredness, lethargy, and physical pain without specific physical causes. In the case of depression in children and adolescents, it is indicated by decreased learning ability, decreased concentration, impulse control disorder, etc. Therefore, careful interview with a psychiatrist and evaluation through psychological tests is necessary to have the right diagnosis and treatment. Depression can be treated through recently developed medications with good effectiveness and safety, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), and psychotherapy.
  • Cancer Patients and Family Mental Health Clinic
    Cancer patients experience varying degrees of stress from diagnosis to treatment. If the stress in cancer patients is not properly managed, physical and psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia may appear, which adversely affects cancer treatment. Family members of cancer patients also experience various types of stress in caring for patients, and extreme stress can undermine their mental health and the patient's treatment. Cancer Patients and Family Mental Health Clinic provides treatment for stress in early cancer patients and the ‘Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully (CALM)' program, short-term psychotherapy for advanced cancer patients. Besides, counseling and treatment are provided to help cancer survivors recover and adjust to daily life.


  • Kim, kyungmin
    • Department
      • Psychiatry, Breast Cancer Center, Cancer Survivor Clinic, Cancer Patients & Family Mental Health Clinic
    • Specialty
      • Schizophrenia, mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder), suicidal/self-harm behavior, mental health eating disorders in cancer patients, addiction
  • Woo, jungmin
    • Department
      • Psychiatry
    • Specialty
      • Mental health for cancer patients, mental and physical disabilities, stress-related disorders 
  • Chung, Un-sun
    • Department
      • Pediatric Psychiatry, Psychiatry
    • Specialty
        1. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry-PTSD(Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), ASD(Autism 
          Spectrum Disorder), Depression in child
  • Lee, Sang Won
    • Department
      • Psychiatry,
    • Specialty
        1. Mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder), Schizophrenia, eating disorders, substance use disorders, trauma and stress-related disorders
  • Kim, Byungsoo
    • Department
      • Psychiatry,
    • Specialty
        1. Geriatric psychiatry (dementia, depression), adult psychiatry (depression, insomnia, anxiety disorder, psychotic disorder)