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Introduction of department
Introduction of Neurology
  • Neurology specializes in dementia/memory disorders, Parkinson's disease/dyskinesia, peripheral/muscular disorders, numbness in the hands and feet, epilepsy, sleep disorders, stroke, dizziness, and brain tumors. It is equipped with conditions to become the best-in-class cranial nerve center in Korea by establishing an optimal treatment environment for all neurological diseases. Through cooperation with each department in the center, the diagnosis accuracy of neurological diseases is improved. High-level treatment is activated based on the latest technology and human resources to promote neuroscience development.
  • Dementia and Memory Impairment Clinic
    Based on the results of various tests, a neurologist specializing in dementia, a neurosurgeon, and a neuropsychologist provide comprehensive treatment for patients through organic cooperation and discussion. Dementia requiring surgery, such as normal pressure hydrocephalus, etc., allows you to receive the best treatment depending on the diagnosis.
  • Parkinson's disease and abnormal motor disease clinic
    This clinic provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for abnormal motor diseases such as Parkinson's disease, dystonia, blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm, chorea, and ataxia. Diagnosis is performed using the latest medical equipment, and Botox treatment and deep brain stimulation are performed successfully.
  • Peripheral nerve and rare intractable diseases (neuromuscular disease/muscle disease/Lou Gehrig's disease) clinic
    This clinic treats a relatively common symptom, numbness in the hands and feet, to a relatively rare disease group, neuromuscular disease. Neuromuscular disease groups are diverse and can be broadly divided into peripheral neuropathy, neuromuscular junction disease, muscle disease, and extensive experience in diagnosing and treating the disease group. To diagnose the above-mentioned disease groups, we are doing our best to accurately diagnose diseases and treat them most appropriately through various neurophysiological tests, imaging tests, muscle tissue tests, and cutting-edge next-generation genetic analysis. Kyungpook National University Chilgok Hospital is the only cell therapy center in the region, providing the latest treatment technology to Lou Gehrig's disease patients and striving to receive more indications for treatment the local community active participation in various global clinical trials.
  • Epilepsy (epilepsy) clinic
    The hospital operates an epilepsy clinic for accurate diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. Epilepsy patients account for about 1% of the total population and are a relatively common nervous system disease. Epilepsy is becoming a treatable disease due to advances in diagnosis and treatment. EEG and brain imaging tests are performed on patients, and a 24-hour video EEG test is performed for a more accurate diagnosis. When diagnosed with epilepsy, the clinic offers specialized medications tailored to each patient.
  • Sleep Disorder Clinic
    This clinic introduces and operates advanced testing equipment such as polysomnography, video nystagmus, and vestibular-induced muscle potential test to improve diagnosis accuracy. Integrated treatment that can consider non-surgical treatment and various surgical treatments is possible, and professional treatment tailored to each individual is provided.
  • Cerebrovascular Disease Clinic
    Stroke is the most important cause of death in Korea and worldwide and is the most important cause of disability in adults. In recent years, the incidence and prevalence of strokes are increasing due to the rapid aging of the population and changes in lifestyle habits, and a stroke clinic is being operated for rapid treatment and prevention. Kyungpook National University Chilgok Hospital conducts detailed examinations such as angiography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), computed tomography (CT), carotid ultrasound, and cerebral blood flow. We provide comprehensive medical services ranging from stroke screening for preventive purposes. The clinic provides specialized treatment with interest in various areas, including commonly found arteriosclerotic stroke and vascular dissection, vasculitis, and cardiac stroke, which is the cause of blood clots in the heart. We provide advanced medical services through reaction tests.
  • Detailed Clinic
    • Acute Stroke Clinic
    • Cerebrovascular and carotid artery stenosis clinic
    • Neurointervention Treatment Clinic
    • Stroke Prevention Clinic
Field of Treatment / Field of operation / Field of procedure
Field of Treatment / Field of operation / Field of procedure
Faculty name Field of treatment Remarks
Lee, Ho-Won Parkinson's disease, dementia, sleep disorders, epilepsy  
Kang, Kyunghoon Dementia, normal pressure hydrocephalus, Parkinson's disease, memory impairment, forgetfulness, stroke  
Park, Jinseong Peripheral and neuromuscular disease, Lou Gehrig's disease, muscle disease, hereditary neuromuscular disease, myelitis, stroke  
Hwang, Jaechoon Stroke, cerebrovascular intervention  
Eun, Miyeon Stroke, cerebrovascular disease, cerebrovascular intervention  
Chun, Jiye Epilepsy, refractory epilepsy, snoring, sleep apnea, loss of consciousness  
Kim, Chiheon Mild cognitive impairment, dementia, dizziness  
Park, Sangmin Abnormal motor disease, tremor, Parkinson's disease, deep brain stimulation, headache