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Kawasaki Disease Clinic

Introduction of department

Kawasaki Disease Clinic provides accurate diagnosis of the Kawasaki disease, professional treatments and long-term prognosis management.

Kawasaki disease is the most frequent acquired heart disease among children, and is an acute febrile vasculitis of unknown cause. If untreated, coronary complications such as Coronary Arterial Aneurysm occur in about 20% of patients, and coronary complications can also cause myocardial infarction or sudden death.

Our goal is to prevent coronary complications through early diagnosis and treatment, and to improve the long-term prognosis through regular examination and drug treatment for patients with coronary complications.

Symptoms of Kawasaki disease include a high fever of more than five days, conjunctival congestion in both eyes, changes in the mouth mucosa/end of the limbs, skin rashes, and enlargement of the cervical lymph nodes. Patients with ill-typical symptoms can have poor clinical progress due to delayed diagnosis. In particular, infants and children under 6 months of age are at high risk of heart complications because they often have no or weak characteristic symptoms and findings. Echocardiography is the simplest way to diagnose heart complications caused by Kawasaki disease. In the acute phase of Kawasaki disease, the patient is hospitalized and treated with intravenous immunoglobulins, and usually, the response to the initial treatment is good. However, in rare cases, more than 2 injections of immunoglobulins or steroid treatment is required. After immunoglobulins treatment, low-dose aspirin is taken for 6-8 weeks to prevent blood clots.

Kyungpook National University Children's Hospital Kawasaki Disease Clinic will do our best to help infants and young children overcome Kawasaki disease without heart complications by providing the highest level of medical care based on our experience in ttreating various types of Kawasaki disease and its complications.


  • Kim, Yeohyang
    • Department
      • Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Pediatric Cardiology, Kawasaki Disease Clinic
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        1. fetal/childhood/adult congenital heart disease, pediatric arrhythmia, critical patient care, home care for severely ill children and palliative care