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Introduction of department
  • Headache
    There are many cases of headache patients who cannot find a specific cause even with precise brain imaging, and this is called a "primary headache." Tension-type headache and migraines are typical primary headaches. On the other hand, cases where the cause can be found are called "secondary headaches," which can be caused by various reasons such as cerebrovascular disease, cerebral hemorrhage, or brain tumors. Precise diagnosis by a doctor is essential because treatment methods and prognosis of primary and secondary headaches are different each other.

    * If there are any danger signs of headaches as follows, it is recommended to consult a headache specialist.
      1. When a new form of severe headache begins suddenly ("I've never felt so sick," "A severe headache suddenly appeared as if I had been hit with a hammer.") 2. Headaches get worse over days or weeks 3. In the case of taking regular painkillers for several days but no improvement in symptoms 4. Headaches appear after overwork, tension, cough, toilet, or sexual activity 5. When my headache first started after I was 50 years old 6. When nausea and vomiting are accompanied and vomiting symptoms are getting worse 7. If you have a fever, stiff neck, have no strength in your arms and legs, or have difficulty balancing when walking 8. If you are confused due to a lack of consciousness, or if you keep dozing off or trying to sleep 9. If you have had a convulsive attack in the past or have a headache after injuring your head 10. If you are using anticoagulants for other reasons 11. Pregnant or undergoing treatment for other cancers

    "Dizziness is a sign of abnormalities in our bodies."

    Kyungpook National University Chilgok Hospital's Brain Nerve Center's dizziness clinic provides the best way for a patient to get prompt treatment when patient’s feel symptoms. When you visit the outpatient clinic, you will first get a detailed questionnaire and a physical examination using a Frenzel device to check the severity of the disease. Through this, precise additional function tests are conducted to determine whether a head imaging test is needed and other equilibrium function tests such as hearing test and vestibular nerve function evaluation are needed. In the case of dizziness caused by problems with the peripheral vestibular nervous system that transmits information on the body's equilibrium function, the disease can be confirmed by Video nystagmus,head thrust test, and caloric function test that show positive findings.

    In the case of an emergency disease, patients can get inpatient treatment immediately. Head MRI and cerebrovascular imaging, are also performed in the case of dizziness caused by problems with the central nervous system such as cerebellar or cerebral infarction. Occasionally, geriatric dizziness can lead to chronic dizziness as a symptom of neurological degenerative diseases that cause various sensory and memory loss and gait disorders. Our neurological degenerative disease part medical team are their best to ensure that these patients receive integrated diagnosis and treatment. The cranial nerve center wishes all patients comfortable treatment, safe treatment, and above all, speedy recovery.
      - Other related disease: Otolithiasis, Migrainous vertigo/Vestibular Migraine, Vestibular neuritis, Meniere’s disease


  • Ahn, Junewoo
    • Department
      • Neurology, Headache & Dizziness Clinic
    • Specialty
      • epilepsy, loss of consciousness, encephalitis, headache
  • Cho, Heejin
    • Department
      • Neurology, Headache & Dizziness Clinic
    • Specialty
      • dizziness, vestibular neuropathy, otolithiasis, headache, double vision
  • Yoo, Myung Hoon
    • Department
      • Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Pediatric ENT, Headache & Dizziness Clinic
    • Specialty
        1. Ear (otitis media, cholesteatoma, hearing loss, hearing rehabilitation (cochlear implantation, hearing aids), endoscopic ear surgery, dizziness)