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Cancer Patients Family Mental Health Clinic

Introduction of department

Cancer patients experience lots of stress in the process from diagnosis to treatment. If the patient's stress is not properly managed, symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia may appear, which can adversely affect the course of cancer treatment. The patient's family also experiences lots of stresses in caring for cancer patients, and extreme stress can affect the patient's treatment as well as the mental health of the patient's family itself.

Cancer patients & families' mental health clinics provide counseling and treatment programs to wisely cope with these stresses and symptoms. Treatment is provided for early cancer patients' stress management, and we are striving to improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their families through the 'Living a Meaningful Life with Cancer' program, a short-term mental treatment for advanced cancer patients. In addition, we continue to provide counseling and treatments to help cancer survivors recover and adapt to their daily lives..

In addition, by cooperating with the entire cancer center and local medical institutions, we are doing our best to lower the threshold of mental health care and to organically connect treatment for cancer patients and their families.


  • Kim, kyungmin
    • Department
      • Psychiatry, Breast Cancer Center, Cancer Survivor Clinic, Cancer Patients & Family Mental Health Clinic
    • Specialty
      • Schizophrenia, mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder), suicidal/self-harm behavior, mental health eating disorders in cancer patients, addiction
  • Kim, Jeongmin
    • Department
      • Cancer Patients & Family Mental Health Clinic
    • Specialty
      • Hospice palliative care