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Fetal Heart Clinic

Introduction of department
  • Clinic Introduction
    Pregnancy and childbirth are the great joy of the family, society, and the country. However, not all pregnancy and childbirth go well; problems from mild to serious problems to the fetus are found in about 1-3% of pregnancies. Fetal heart problems are common among many fetal problems, but the prenatal diagnosis is not easy, and the prognosis varies greatly by disease. The information overflowing on the Internet makes pregnant women and their families more confused.
  • The Children's Hospital Fetal Heart Clinic at Kyungpook National University Chilgok Hospital provides detailed information on the accurate diagnosis and prognosis of heart disease. Mothers who visit the hospital for fetal heart abnormalities can consult with the pediatric cardiologist on the same day after the obstetric treatment. If immediate surgical treatment is expected after birth, pediatric thoracic surgeons will explain the expected surgical procedure.
  • Treatment performance
    If an echocardiogram is performed immediately after birth and congenital heart disease is confirmed, some babies may undergo early surgery. About 150 cardiac operations for congenital heart disease per year are performed in Kyungpook National University Hospital. Among them, 20% are the babies under 1-month-old, and 40% are under 3-month-old. The postoperative mortality rate is less than 1%, and these are the babies with complex heart malformations that were not diagnosed in the fetus.
  • Ex) We have successfully performed corrective cardiac surgery for complex heart anomaly (coarctation of aorta with ventricular septal defect) for an 8-day-old underweight baby (weight 1450g at the time of operation) for the first time in the region (2010)
  • We successfully performed Ross surgery to replace the aortic and pulmonary valves in a 1-month-old baby with critical aortic valve stenosis (2016).
  • Our clinic is the only clinic performing complete corrective surgery through half-turn translocation for newborns with complete transposition of great artery/ventricular septal defects/pulmonary artery stenosis.


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