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Introduction of Clinic
  • Clinic Introduction
    Pain is a complex, often debilitating condition that can significantly impact physical and mental well-being. Department of anesthesia and pain medicine diagnoses and treats the cause of pain for patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. Our clinic has lots of experience in treating spinal diseases ( back pain spine stenosis, postlaminectomy syndrome, ervical headache, etc.), non-spine diseases (shoulder pain, degenerative osteoarthritis, myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia), neuropathic pain disease (trigeminal neuralgia, post-herpes zoster neuralgia and complex site pain syndrome). Besides, we also treat cancer pain (pain syndrome after surgery, peripheral nerve pain due to anticancer drugs, pain due to cancer metastasis).
  • We diagnose diseases by identifying the cause of pain through various imaging tests, nerve function tests, and a nerve block. It controls and maintains the patient's symptoms through medication and interventions. We treat intractable pain using spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulation and intrathecal drug delivery system. Our treatment helps restore normal body functions. We can also help you with fast and effective treatment by cooperating with specialists for various diseases such as facial nerve palsy, sudden hearing loss, retinal vascular obstruction, allergic rhinitis, hyperhidrosis, and autonomic ataxia.
Field of Treatment / Field of operation / Field of procedure
Field of Treatment / Field of operation / Field of procedure
Faculty name Field of treatment Remarks
Park Junmo Cancer pain, spinal pain  
Yeo Jinseok Cancer pain, pain after shingles