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Pediatric Orthopedics Surgery

Introduction of department

Pediatric orthopedic surgery is the field of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of limb and vertebral musculoskeletal areas for newborns, infants, children and adolescents who have not matured their skeletons. It provides accurate diagnosis and best treatment for all childhood neuromuscular disorders such as congenital musculoskeletal deformities, developmental dysplasia of the hip and cerebral palsy, as well as musculoskeletal diseases such as gait disturbance, limb-length discrepancy, LCP disease, and growth plate damage that can occur in newborns and infants.

We provide diagnosis and treatment services through ultrasound examination to children with developmental dysplasia of the hip, and we provide counseling considering their life cycle and necessary treatment for children with cerebral palsy considering their growth. In addition, we are promoting proper growth through growth control and lower limb extension correction for children with gait disorders (toe-in gait) and differences in lower limb length.


  • Oh, Chang Wook
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      • Orthopedic Surgery, Pediatric Orthopedics Surgery
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      • Pediatric Orthopedic