Admission Guide

You may be asked to pay a deposit prior to admission.

In the case of a deposit, A deposit is determined according to the treatment plan and the cost estimate. Upon discharge, the deposit and medical expenses are recalculated together and can be paid.

  • Ward
    We have different ward types: VIP room, private room, semi-private room, and shared rooms. The ward/ bed will be assigned depending on the patient/ bed flow of the day, so we cannot guarantee the availability for a particular room type on the day of your admission. Nevertheless, please let us know if you have any preferred inpatient room type, and we will try our best to work on your request. For a better environment and treatment for the patients, please cooperate with us and stay with your designated bed as moving to another bed without permission is prohibited.
  • Diet
    We offer different kinds of meals such as regular, therapeutic, western, and VIP meals. In general, in the case of requiring other meals for specific culture, we are applying as much as possible to enable the desired meal through interviews with patients.
    • Meal hours start at 7:30 for breakfast, 12:30 for lunch, and 17:30 for dinner
    • The table for the patient is attached to the bed.
    To cancel or change the meal plan, please contact the nurse’s office or the IHBC staff an hour before the serving time.
    Do not use gas or electric heaters. If you have food to heat up, please use the microwave in the dining area.
    Water purifiers are also in the dining area.
  • Visiting Guide
    General ward
    a. Visiting Hours
    Visiting Hours
    Weekdays Weekends/Holidays
    18:00~20:00 10:00~12:00, 18:00~20:00
    b. Our hospital provides a room for visitors to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and avoid harming patients and other patients.
    c. How to visit in hospital :
    Fill out the visitor application form provided at the information desk on the 1st floor → Wait in the lobby on the 1st floor → meeting the patient or guardian at the visiting area on the first basement floor → Return home.
    * Since there is a visiting area for the visitors and the patients, inpatients are not allowed to have visits in person inside the ward. However, in some special cases, such as for a hospice patient, consent for surgery, and seeing doctor, visits are allowed.
    d. Guardians must bring their guardian ID to ender the ward, and we cannot provide any other patients’ admission information with the guests.
    Intensive care unit
    a. Visiting Hours
    Visiting Hour
    Division Weekdays Weekends/Holidays
    Adult and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 10:30~11:00, 19:00~19:30
    Newborn Intensive Care Unit 11:00~11:30, 19:30~20:00
    b. Visiting is limited to one visitor per patient during the hours, and each visitor is allowed to take turns to come in
    (The Newborn Intensive Care Unit only allows one of the parents)
    Points to note when visiting
    • All visitors must sanitize hands before entering.
    • Patients are not allowed to have unauthorized food and outside food.
    • Guests who are suspected to about spreading infectious diseases are not allowed to visit.
    • Individuals with weak immune function (pregnant, elderly over the age of 70, children under the age of 12) are restricted for visit.
    • Do not bring in flowers, flower pots, outside food, pets, etc.
    Stay of the guardian
    • One guardian can stay with a patient during the admission.
    • We provide blankets only for the patients only so the guardian should bring his/her personal items including blanket and pillow.
  • Internet
    Free Wi-Fi is available in the hospital.
  • Valuables Management
    Do not keep the valuables and cash in a patient room. There is a locker provided to put your valuables in.
    Please keep them in the locker when you sleep or leave the room, and do not forget the password.
    When leaving, you should lock the door and let the nurse know.
  • No Smoking
    The entire hospital building is a non-smoking area.
  • Telephone Guide
    • VIP room: local and long-distance calls available (Please press 9 and the phone number)
    • Private room, Semi-private room: local calls available (same as above)
    • Shared rooms: Receive-only
    • * You can make an in-hospital phone calls by dialing the four-digit extension. If you would like to talk with a the staff of the international healthcare center, please press 2042,2043 or 2045
  • Go Out and Overnight Stays
    It’s possible if needed, only with the consent of the attending physician.
    Before going out, you must pay the full amount of the treatment fee (a portion of the amount paid by yourself) in advance, before going out.
    Please note that the daily hospital fee will be charged even during the overnight stays or staying out overnight.
  • Discharge Process
    Discharge decision will be made by the therapeutic judgment of your attending physician.
    Upon discharge, the nurse in charge of the department and the IHBC staff will explain the discharge procedure, including discharge medication and next appointment, and guide the entire process.
    If you need a medical certificate, a copy of the medical records, a video copy, or a receipt in English, please request the nurse or IHBC staff 2-3 days before discharge.
    You can pay at the main building’s payment desk on the first floor during the weekdays.
    In case of night discharge or in Holiday, you can pay at the emergency room payment desk.
    * If a patient with Korean health insurance gets discharged at night or on holiday, 5-10% of the estimated cost will be added to your payment. This will be recalculated within the next 10 business days, and the difference will be refunded to your account during the following office hour.